About Me

Hi everyone, welcome to my website.

My name is Hong and I’d like to share with you my story.

I am originally from China and now living in the United States.

I was working as a registered nurse few years ago. After working for one year, I realized nursing isn’t for me.

I used to come home feeling exhausted. And I would spend most of my days off sleeping.

I was depressed, helpless, overloaded, overwhelmed and trapped. I’ve had a ton of anxiety, stress, sleepless days and nights over worrying.

I hated the feeling of not being treated with respect and blamed for the things that weren’t my fault.

I became an angry and an argumentative person. I often displaced my angry feelings on my family members. My relationship with my family suffered as a result.

I knew what I did was wrong and that I was destroying the relationship with them, but I didn’t know what else to do.

I couldn’t imagine myself pushing a med cart for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to be that angry and argumentative person anymore. I wanted to have more quality time with my family.

I knew something had to change.

So I made the decision and left nursing in 2016 and pursued a career in the restaurant business that same year.

Being a restaurant owner has its ups and downs, but it has been fun and rewarding. I knew I would have to give it up when I move away with my husband in the future.

The thought of giving up my restaurant and possibly having to go back to nursing has made me scared and uneasy.

I knew if I wanted more freedom and more time with my family. I had to look for something that is more passive.

So I started searching online and this is how I got started my journey online.

Today, I no longer feel depressed, helpless, overloaded, overwhelmed or trapped. Every day I am waking up to do the things I love.

What I‘ve learned from my experience is that my future isn’t determined by anyone or what my education is.

It’s determined by me taking back control of my destiny and taking some (sometimes scary) risks.

But my life is worth it, my family is worth it, my dreams are worth it. You are, too.

If you’re where I was, I want to let you know there is hope. There’s grass on the other side of that fence and it is greener.

Whatever you choose to do with your life, I respect it. I want to remind you that you’re either going to work to build your dreams or someone else’s.

In this blog, I will share with you the steps I took and the things I learned on my journey.

I hope my journey will inspire you to build your own dreams as well.

Thank you for visiting.

Best of luck to all of your entrepreneurial endeavors.


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