About Me

Hi everyone, welcome to my website.

My name is Hong and I’d like to share with you my story.

I am originally from China and now living in the United States.

I worked as a registered nurse a few years ago. After working for one year, I realized nursing wasn’t for me.

I used to come home feeling exhausted and I would spend most of my days off sleeping.

I was depressed and helpless. I felt overloaded, overwhelmed and trapped in my job. I’ve had a ton of anxiety, stress, sleepless days and nights over worrying.

I hated the feeling of not being treated with respect and blamed for the things that weren’t my fault.

With the amount of stress I was having, I became angry, argumentative, impatient, and negative. I turned into a completely different person to the point where some of my family members didn’t even recognize me anymore. I didn’t like the person I was turning into and I didn’t like my situation. 

Time for a change

There goes with this saying that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. I Knew if I wanted to get out of my situation, have more quality time with my family, and more freedom to do the things I love, something had to change.

So I actually made the decision and left nursing in 2016 and pursued a career in the restaurant business the same year.

Being a restaurant owner has its ups and downs, but overall it has been fun and rewarding. I knew I have to give it up when I move away with my husband in the future.

The thought of giving up my restaurant and possibly having to go back to nursing really motivated me to look for another source of income. 

I knew if I wanted more freedom and more time with my family. I had to look for something that was more passive.

So I started searching on the internet and this is how I got started my journey online. After falling a victim of a couple of scams, I am finally on the right track to building my business. 

Purpose of this website

My intention with this website is to share with you my experience, knowledge, and other things I learned on my online journey.

I believe it’s helpful to learn from others and watch the steps they take to achieve success.

Hopefully, through my mistakes and failures, you will find success.

I hope the information you find on my website will help you build a sustainable and profitable business online.

Feel free to download my FREE ebook “8 simple steps to affiliate marketing success.” This ebook will help shorten your learning curve and get you started on the right path with affiliate marketing. 

Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. I won’t sell your information or share your details with anyone. Often times I will share with you the tips and trick I learned and the things that have helped me with my online business. 


Keep in mind that the journey to building your online business is a marathon, not a sprint. To make it, you have to ensure a positive attitude and learn to maintain an enthusiastic, optimistic mindset for the long haul, regardless of the challenges you encounter.

Don’t rush the process because it takes time to learn and grow. Take one step at a time to achieve your goal and don’t give up.

I hope my journey will inspire you to begin your journey as well. 

Connect with me on Facebook or email me at hong@mysteps2success.com if you need help or have any question. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting my website. 

I wish you all the best and hope to have you back.

See you, Hong 🙂


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